About Siren’s Holler

Siren’s Holler, handcrafted metals, is the work of Amy Eliza Sreb. The name is an homage to the mythological bird women that would lure men to their death, and to her true home, the Appalachian mountains, where Amy found her craft.

Amy is a full-time studio jeweler and metalsmith. Each piece is made by hand, traditional metalsmithing techniques, and oxyacetylene torch.

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Amy grew up in the hills of Virginia, right between Washington, DC and the Blue Ridge Mountains. She was always making, focusing on wearable items and black and white photography. In 2006, she moved to Philadelphia to study Anthropology/Archaeology and Greek/Roman Classical Civilizations at Temple University. Amy had fallen in love with ancient history in third grade, when she came across a book about Pompeii. After college, she worked full-time as an archaeologist, digging at a Bronze Age site in Greece, then Historic and Prehistoric sites on the east coast of the United States. After years of studying historical material culture, Amy found she wanted to create instead of find. In 2011, Amy moved to Asheville, NC to raft on rivers with her brother and live in a more lush place. In Asheville, she found lots of opportunities to make again and kept following them. Amy completed the two-year Professional Craft Program for Metalwork and Jewelry at Haywood Community College in 2015. She has taken classes in welding, blacksmithing, and pottery; while often dabbling in printmaking, painting, and natural dyeing. She has been assistant instructor for classes at Penland School of Craft and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.

Amy’s a huge fan of her one-eyed dog, Chooch, anything with gold sequins, and bad jokes.


In my work, I like to explore the relationship between line and negative space. I focus on finding balance through structure. My use of negative space make my pieces surprisingly light and very wearable. I love a highly functional piece that can integrate into your daily life. My designs tend to be bold, minimalistic, and androgynous. They are reminiscent of art deco and ancient styles. I’m a firm believer that everything you see and experience influence your work. Architecture, traveling, lived in spaces, and ancient art are some of the biggest influences in my design language.

In Spain
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Siren’s Holler studio is located in the Mill at Riverside in ASHeville, NC.